Rural Arts Project
The Rural Arts Project is a non-profit community organization. It exists to facilitate the
artistic endeavors of the citizens of the Chateauguay Valley. It is housed in Grove Hall,
and run by a volenteer board directors.
In the pursuit of these goals, we have been very successful. Our “homemade” theatre
productions have been among our more triumphant offerings, starting with Noises Off in
June 2013, Our Town in August of the same year, and Bull by the Horns in early 2014.  Shows
such as Lorne Elliot, Bowser and Blue, Shakespeare in the Park and Beatles Replay have also
been very popular. (click here to see photos of theses shows)

We want to continue offering high quality opportunities for the community to get involved in
our “homemade” shows, be it music, dance or theatre. We will continue bringing bigger name
acts to our area, and putting the Valley on the cultural and entertainment map. We want to
offer that space for our voices to be heard. We want to rebuild pride in our town. We want to
build up our community. However things will go faster with your assistance. Can you help?

We have a few small, tangible goals: Improve the sound system so we don’t always have to
pay an outside sound man for nearly every event. Do renovations to the bathrooms. Finish
installing the kitchen. Buy cushions, because we have realized that our chairs really aren’t
very comfortable for an extended period of time (many of you had brought your own
cushions in a various times, but they were being stored in a garbage bag... you finish the
thought...). Keep creating original pieces of theatre.

The Rural Arts Project is a registered non-profit organization. We invite you to join us by
becoming a member of our organization. Every membership fee of 20$ or more will greatly
help with our next theatre creation and will allow us to finally purchase a permanent seat
cushion for your chair.

Better yet, can you offer some time to help out as a volunteer?"

                                                            - Message from Mark Bye, Artistic Director
"When we started The Rural Arts Project at Grove Hall just over 2 years ago, we did so with a
firm belief in our hearts; that the Chateauguay Valley is a unique cultural milieu, and the voice
of its citizens is valuable and needs to be heard. We, ideally, would also like to provide other
regions similar to ours (bilingual, rural, isolated) with the opportunity to show their work as
well. From this exchange of theatre, dance, music and other arts, we can inform our own
definition of ourselves; learning about ourselves, how we are similar and how we differ. We
also hope to offer sheer entertainment value; a variety of different acts/ musicians/ shows
that are alternatives to a lengthy and expensive trip to an urban centre to see theatre, movies,
or concerts.
Amazing News: Thanks to the generosity of the Caisse
Populaire, the Rural Arts Project can proudly announce that we will
soon have 100 brand new padded chairs!
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